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    What can quality copywriting do for your brand?

    Rob Howard, a friend and mentor to Re:word, said that before someone buys from you, they have to buy into you. The value you add to them has to be clear. Your story has to resonate. And you have to make

    What you should know about becoming a copywriter

    On the last day of most copywriting courses, the program director will put all the students together in a room and tell them what to expect from becoming a copywriter at an ad agency. If they’re honest,

    Lyrics: Copywriting Set to Music

    Like great copywriting, great lyrics will make you pay attention.Come mothers and fathers throughout the land,And don’t criticize what you can’t understand.Your sons and your daughters are beyond your

    Write Anything Like a Senior Copywriter Would

    This year marks our tenth year in business. Considering that two-thirds of all small businesses fail by year ten, that’s pretty good. Over the past decade, we’ve learned a lot about what people want

    2018’s Best Copywriting

    Three letters. THREE LETTERS! That sums up 2018’s best copywriting You see it. You get it. And if you were counting on the Colonel that week, you can’t help but give them a pass for their fowl

    The Ultimate Copywriting/Copyediting Playlist

    In 2001, researchers studied how background music affected the quality of people’s writing. The findings showed that “background music significantly disrupted writing fluency” — a fairly cut-and-dry

    The Power of A Value Prop

    Most business owners can clearly describe what their company does. But how many can clearly describe what they do for their customers? These are two very different statements, and the latter is far more

    Content Writer or Copywriter: Which Do You Need?

    The difference between a content writer and a copywriter is the difference between a fast food joint and a Michelin restaurant. Both have their place in the world, but their value depends on the appetite